TikTok : Is It Good Or Bad

TikTok : Is It Good Or Bad

Michaela Salciccia, Writer

With over 689 million users watching over 1 billion videos daily, you have to wonder if TikTok is worth your time. Does it teach you anything or is it just time-wasting?

Pros And Cons Of Tik Tok


  • TikTok has many creativity-boosting videos

According to makeuseof.com “TikTok is an all-in-one platform where you will find videos related to anything and everything. The app provides you with many ideas to get your creative juices flowing. If you are a fan of dance, you will find a vast collection of dance videos on the platform.”


  • It makes you feel welcome and part of a community

It makes you feel welcomed because it takes all of your liked videos and finds out what you like so they can make you a page to show people with talents or humor like you.


  • You can share your talents

Instead of hiding them, Tik Tok allows you to share your talents with the world and gain subscribers, likes, or views that show people enjoy your videos.


  • It is very addictive

Tik tok is addictive because after scrolling from minutes to hours you can’t stop watching each video, even if the video is bad. According to healthtechdigital.com “ People crave micro-entertainment and short bursts of video distraction.”


  • There is a lot of cyberbullying

Even though you can see all of the followers or likes a video gets, there is still a comments section where people can speak their minds without anyone telling them not to. With no limitations, people can say whatever they want good or bad, so putting up your video is a risk of having many mean people follow you.


  • There are many privacy concerns

After posting videos, anyone can see them whether you want them to or not.  All of the information you post is saved forever, unlike you talking in person, the internet keeps everything, so be careful what you post.







Even though Tik Tok is insecure and very addictive it is just as bad as any other social media-based platform. Even with all of these bad qualities that we know about, as long as something is entertaining, we watch it. Being the 7th most popular Social media platform in the world, almost everyone is on it, adults and children. Don’t let it take control of you.








From unsecured data to hilarious videos, it depends on whether you are okay with some things or not to have a say on whether Tik Tok is good or bad. What do you think? Should you keep the app or get rid of it? Answer in the comments!