10 Most Popular Pups!

10 Most Popular Pups!

Giuliana V. Deis


Which is the cutest puppy/dog? You would think it would be yours right? This list shows the  10 most popular dogs and what makes them so loved. 

#10: Cavalier King Charles spaniel 

At number 10 we have the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. This loyal pup loves food and is basically attached to any living being! In fact, they ADORE cats! The strange thing is that cats actually tolerate them! Now that’s adorable! I sure can see why they’re on our list!


#9: Yorkshire Terrier

York’s secure the #9 spot on this list! This small companion is always there for you no matter whether you like it or not! Yorkies don’t require much food and don’t shed! Meaning they are hypoallergenic. You are their person and they love you to bits!


#8: Chihuahua 

These puppies love their owners, and they want you to love them more than anything else! Chihuahuas are clever and easily trained. Fun Fact: Chihuahuas are known as the smallest dogs in the world!



#7: Shih Tzu

These cuties are loved for their happy and friendly personalities. They get along with kids and love all ages! No wonder they are in the top ten!



#6: German Shepherd 

Loyalty is this dog’s specialty. They are known for their courage, ability to learn, and many more traits! They were originally bred to herd sheep! Look how far they’ve come! 





#5 Labradoodle

Labradoodles are GREAT family dogs! Not only do they love humans, but they don’t shed! They can be service dogs and they ARE definitely worth your coin. 


#4 French Bulldog 

Frenchies can TOTALLY be comfy in your home. They are adaptable to any home and would most likely be on your lap! They are compatible with families, as well as being low energy.    

#3 Golden Retrievers 

GOLDEN RETRIEVERS!! As well as being one of the top dogs, they are also known for being AMAZING for families! I could definitely say this is true, as I do have one myself. Golden Retrievers are known for being happy and fun. They love humans and are not quite the best guard dogs for that reason. But you can bet that this dog will love you no matter what!



#2 Goldendoodle

Goldendoodles are a mix of poodles and golden retrievers. Not only do they have the happy personality of a golden retriever, and a smart brain like a poodle, but they also have an adorable faces! Fun Fact: Brodie that Dood is a golden doodle! 



#1 Labrador Retriever  

The #1 most popular dog is… the Labrador Retriever! Labs come in all different types of colors and are intelligent. They learn not to play rough and absolutely love kids! Labs will love you, and you’ll love their cuteness, sweetness, and brains!


Well, what do you think? Who would be your Number #1 dog? Leave comments below! 



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