Trends of 2021

Isabelle Marx


In 2021, there are tons of trends in the world. You may not know some of the trends in the world right now, or you may be surprised that these things are actually popular. Here are just a few.


Tik Tok – Tik Tok is a platform with 1.1 billion users (as of February 2021). Tik Tok was created by Zhang Yiming in September of 2016. For teens, it is a digital karaoke, 3 – 15 second video that they can lip-sync and dance to. The app is popular for teens and kids under the age of 16, but it is recommended by Owen Phillips for them not to use it because of inappropriate behavior on the app.


Vans – Vans is a shoe company that sold 7 million pairs of shoes in 2018. The founders of Vans include Paul Van Doren, Jim Van Doren, Gordon Lee, and Serge Delia. On March 16, 1966, the Vans company opened to the public and promised it would sell the shoes directly to the public. 


AirPods – AirPods is a wireless type of earbud that can connect to iPhones, iPads, and even with an Apple TV. The Air Pods were designed in 2016 and another version was made in 2019. Each model has its own function, but they have some similarities like how you can accept and end calls by double-tapping on an earbud.


Nose Piercing – Besides the popular ear piercing, nose piercing is a very popular piercing.  Even though you might see a lot of people with nose piercings, there can be some challenges in taking care of it. When you get it pierced, it hurts more than just getting your ears pierced in the cartilage. It takes 4-6 months to completely heal if you don’t itch it because if you do itch it, it could and probably will rip your nose. 


Hydro Flask – In 2009, the company Hydro Flask started in Bend, OH (Ohio) when a couple was not happy with their water bottle.  After it was created, it was on every campground, soccer field, and every classroom in the U.S. because of its bright colors, smoothness, and its ability to be a fashion accessory. Once Hydro Flasks came around, people said bye-bye to plastic water bottles and hello to metal water bottles.


JanSport Backpacks – These backpacks can be anywhere from being with students to campers in the forest to an office space. They are waterproof and are made of the highest quality materials. It is multiple sizes and includes different patterns. If you are anywhere, it is most likely you will see one, and maybe one day, you will own one if you don’t have one. It cost around $30, but since it is so popular, you may need to wait a while to get the one you want!


Pop Music – Pop music is a more evolved version of rock and roll. Since the mid-1950s, pop music has had the broadest audience. People have bought copies of the music, listened to it on the radio, and have gone to concerts.  Most of the songs in the Pop music section are between 2 ½ minutes and 5 ½ minutes long. But some songs like Hey Jude by the Beatles and Don McLean’s American Pie are longer. 


Fortnite – Fortnite was made in North Carolina and has been around for only a few years. In 2018, more than 250 million people have signed up and spent no less than $2.4 billion, even though the game is free. The most popular mode in Fortnite is the 100 – player battle royale mode. Even musicians and actors have filmed themselves playing the video game!


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