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Your Zodiac Sign, Your Holiday Treat


Everyone loves holiday treats. From super sweet peppermint to salty caramel, they’re all delicious, but which one matches your horoscope? Your zodiac sign is decided based on the day you were born, but it’s not always completely accurate. So, whether you agree with yours or not, we can all agree that these desserts are the best! 


1. Aries: Christmas Crack, March 21–April 19

Christmas crack is one of the most unknown desserts! It has layers of plain crackers, caramel, chocolate, and toppings of your choice. You can use candy, like M&Ms or crushed candy canes. Like Aries, these treats are a showstopper at any party!


2. Taurus: Peanut Butter Hershey Kiss Cookies, April 20–May 20

These cookies are great for peanut butter lovers! It’s the perfect ratio of chocolate and peanut butter and tastes just like a Reeces! These cookies are decadent and delicious just like Taurus. There are many easy recipes for these cookies. Click here for one.


3. Gemini: Eggnog, May 21–June 21

This drink is perfect for Gemini!  Eggnog is sort of like melted vanilla ice cream or custard with a hint of cinnamon. Like the Gemini, this drink is super sweet and creamy. You can buy Eggnog at a local supermarket or you can make it yourself at home. Click here for a link!


4. Cancer: Gingerbread House, June 22–July 22

Decorating gingerbread houses is so fun! You can buy a kit from the store or hand-make one. Get all of your favorite candy and get to work decorating. They also taste amazing! Cancers are very smart which will be handy when building a house!


5. Leo: Hot Chocolate, July 23–August 22

Hot Cocoa is an iconic winter treat for a cold day! It has a great chocolate flavor with whipped cream and marshmallows. You can make many different flavors of hot cocoa including peppermint or caramel! Leos are fire signs that match hot cocoa’s temperature perfectly! 


6. Virgo: Candy Canes, August 23–September 22

This is a holiday classic sweet that everyone knows! It comes in many different flavors like Starburst or Skittles. There is even a bacon flavor of candy canes! They are great for stocking stuffers or gifts for friends. Virgos are perfectionists and are very logical, so these treats make sense to them 


7. Libra: Snicker doodle, September 23–October 23

Crispy on the edges but soft and chewy in the middle, a snicker doodle is almost like a sugar cookie except, a snicker doodle has a cinnamon taste to it. Snicker doodles are simple but delicious, which is perfect for Libras. You can make snicker doodles at home, with most ingredients from your  home! Click here for a recipe! 

8. Scorpio: Peppermint Bark, October 24–November 21

Peppermint bark is super sweet with chocolate on the bottom, white chocolate on top, and peppermint crushed on top. This mouthwatering treat is perfect for your next Christmas party, and you can work with friends to make this treat! Click here for a recipe.

9. Sagittarius: Christmas Tree Brownies, November 22–December 21

Instead of Christmas tree cookies, Christmas tree brownies are the treat for Sagittarius. First, you make a brownie in the shape of a Christmas tree and put it in the oven. Then, add some green frosting and add M&Ms on top if you’re feeling fancy. You can also add candy cane sticks and put them at the bottom for the “wood” of the tree. They are the perfect mix of chocolate and sweet frosting, which matches Sagittarius’s mix of personalities. Click here for a link! 

10. Capricorn: Yule Log Cake,  December 22–January 19

Another holiday classic! You probably have heard of Yule log cakes but what really is it?  A yule log cake is broken down into four parts. The first is a cocoa sponge cake, the second is a hazelnut whipped cream, the third is chocolate ganache and the last and final part is the decorations! The yule log cake has a long past, being used to celebrate the end of winter and to honor the Norse God, Thor. Click here for the recipe! 

11. Aquarius: Fruit Cake, January 20–February 18

Fruit Cake is another holiday classic! Fruit Cake has dried fruit in it and sometimes it has nuts. This would be so fun to make with friends and family on a rainy day. Like an Aquarius, the fruit cake is sweet and flavorful and a little nutty Click here for a recipe 


12. Pisces: Christmas Sugar Cookies, February 19–March 20

Decorating cookies with your friends is the best thing! You can make sugar cookies and icing fresh or buy them from the store, and then let your creative juices flow! They are also a great snack or you can dip them in some warm milk. Pisces are sensitive and creative, which is great  when it comes to decorating. 


Are you going to make any treats based on your horoscope? Leave a comment!

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  • A

    Aria NematDec 7, 2023 at 7:26 pm

    My zodiac sign is Cancer and I don’t care too much for gingerbread houses. My brother’s zodiac is Gemini and he hates eggnog.

    • S

      studentFeb 14, 2024 at 12:10 pm


  • O

    Olivia HuffmireDec 7, 2023 at 4:26 pm

    YESSSSSS! I’m a Leo and I have been drinking Hot cocoa so much this year! What are the odds? 😀