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How to Cope with Anxiety and Depression During the Holidays

How to Cope with Anxiety and Depression During the Holidays

Having anxiety and depression can be hard. One minute you can be on top of the world, and the next you’re curled up on the ground. Around 280 million people suffer everyday from depression, and with the holidays rolling around it can make things harder. Studies have shown anxiety and depression skyrocket during the Holiday season. Here are some strategies to help with anxiety and depression.

Opening up

Let’s face it, telling someone that you’re struggling is not fun, whether it’s a friend or a family member. It’s important to go at your own pace and not feel obligated to tell someone. Just realizing that you might have depression is a step in itself. If you feel that you might be struggling with depression or anxiety, consult a professional, one someone you know and trust who  won’t judge. Having a safe space to express your feelings can help you feel better. 

Holiday Stress

The holidays can be the most stressful time of the year. Studies have shown that up to 66% of people feel holiday anxiety. Whether it’s trying to find the perfect gift or who’s coming to Christmas dinner, it’s important to take a breath once in a while. Finding something that helps you slow down and think is perfect, like yoga, meditation, or just a warm cup of tea. Another strategy is just saying ‘No’. Many people get caught up in a million different things during the holiday season. Take it slow, and try to say ‘No’ sometimes!

Polar Opposites

Depression can arise from anything. For many people, being without loved ones can trigger a mental spiral. Nobody likes to be lonely during the holidays, and whether your family is too far away to make it to Christmas, or your parents get caught up in work, it can be hard. If you miss your relatives, you can set up Group Chats with them, and video call them whenever you want!

Another reason for depression during the holidays can be if you’re seeing too much of your relatives. For those with anxiety, it can be stressful to go to family gatherings. This can also lead to feelings of depression. You may need some alone time, and that’s okay! Your mental health is the top priority, and your family members will understand.


 Struggling with anxiety and depression can be hard, but with people to support you, it can feel better. Happy Holidays!



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