Snowcones VS Icecream



Everyone loves a cool treat to kick off the summer! But there are two that go above all the rest, ice cream and snow cones. There are many different opinions regarding this debate.  So which one takes the cake?



The earliest snowcones date back to the 1850s and were started in Baltimore. The early form of snowcones were ice blocks that were meant to be delivered to companies to keep things cold. It is said that kids would follow the wagon that carried these ice blocks to get ice shavings to cool off in the summertime! But the first snowcone machine was invented by  Samuel Bert in 1919. Fun fact: one of the most popular flavors was egg custard!


Ice cream

Antonio Latini first invented ice cream in the second century B.C. Antonio Latini was known for creating the first milk sorbet which was declared the first “official” ice cream flavor. Even though the first flavor that we all know was most likely chocolate!


This is what some classes have to say about their favorite summer treat of the two:


Ice cream Team


3 Students in Mr. Guzman’s PRIDE chose ice cream

20 Students in Mr. Carbajal’s PRIDE chose ice cream

11 Students in Ms. Mull’s PRIDE chose ice cream




Snowcone Team


3 students in Mr. Carbajal’s PRIDE chose snowcones

6 Students in Mr. Guzman’s PRIDE chose snowcones

2 Students in Ms. Mull’s PRIDE chose snowcones


You can even make your favorite! Like ice cream in a bag. You add heavy cream sugar vanilla and the flavor of your choice in a ziplock bag and get a gallon-sized bag and fill it with ice and salt. For snowcones, you can get a bag of ice and crush it. Then get a type of syrup flavoring


Since summer is coming up, which one do you like best? Leave a comment!