Keeping Cool During The Summer; Fun Water Games

Sophie Stempson

In Temecula, it gets super hot! So staying cool is a necessity, but sometimes that is hard. A great way to stay cool is playing in the water. So, here are 4 water games that are perfect to play with your family and friends. 


Cup to Cup

Set up: In this messy game, you sit or stand in a vertical line. You can play with as many people as you want. Each person has a bowl or cup in a variety of sizes, having the smallest cup in the back of the line and the largest in the front. You then fill the largest bowl or cup with water.

Gameplay: Once you get everything set up, it’s time to play! The player in the front of the line starts by dumping the water behind them trying to fully fill up the next person’s bowl. While they’re pouring, water spills everywhere and makes a huge mess! You then repeat this till you get to the very end of the line. 


Water Balloon Volleyball

Set up: For this game, you may need a volleyball net, or you can just make a line on the floor. Split the players into 2 teams and give each person a beach towel. You will also need a water balloon

Gameplay: One team starts by catapulting the balloon over the net using only the beach towel. The other team has to then catch and throw the balloon back using the beach towel. If a team drops the balloon, give the other team a point and start a new round. Have a few water balloons ready they may pop when they land.  

Cups Of Chances

Set up: This game will take 3 or more players. Grab a few cups and fill half of them up with water and leave the others empty. Set them all in a line and you’re ready to play!

Gameplay: Blindfold 1 player and have them choose 1 cup. As soon as they pick the cup they want, they can’t change their pick. They then hold that cup upside down over their head and get wet, or not! Keep going until all the cups are used. 

Pool Defender

Set up: For this one, you will need a small pool. Set up a small perimeter in a circle around the pool. (The farther away the harder) Have 2 people stand in the pool while everyone else stands outside the perimeter. You will also need some small, soft balls and a few cups of water.

Gameplay: The goal of the people inside the pool is to make sure no balls stay in the pool. While the people on the outside try to throw the balls into the pool from behind the perimeter, the defenders inside the pool have to throw them back out. If the people on the outside get hit with a ball, they are out. To get back in, they have to dump a cup of water on themself. 


There are so many fun water games, and you can even make one up! You can even add your own rules or scoring if you want. Are you going to try any of these games? Leave a comment!