Coolmathgames: Is it Really Math?

Henry Serge, Writer


Coolmathgames is a fun website that brings joy to every single middle school student. It has many genres of games that will fit everyone’s needs, but is it really math or just a foe? Well, let’s find out!


The Math Games 









So the short answer is no, there isn’t really math. There are hundreds if not thousands of games on Coolmathgames, yet there are close to none that are related to math. However, there are logic games. An example of a logic game is a game called Onus. 


The Onus is a game that involves logic and numbers. The goal is to get all of the numbers from negative to positive. The way to do this is by tapping the numbers which will push out coins to the nearby numbers. Once all of the numbers are positive you will be able to go to a more challenging level. If this game seems interesting try Onus here! 


Another honorable mention is Incremental Memory, which has one key concept, Memory. It’s a very fun and simple challenge and is more of a game. You have upgrades so you can last longer inside the levels. 











The goal of the game is to remember the white blocks that are placed in front of you for .5 seconds. The amount of blocks gets higher making it tougher to remember. If you use up all of your lives you lose and have to restart. It’s a simple game but has a lot to offer, also if you like Incremental Memory play it here now!


The Non-Math games










There obviously isn’t just logic games there are tons of mindless games. So if you aren’t in the mood to think about what you’re doing, here are some awesome games for just that!


Moto X3M is a very popular game on Cool math games where a man rides a bike and goes through various obstacle courses with loop-de-loops and spikes. It’s a very addicting game with 3 sequels. 

This game is also recommended by 95% of people so maybe give Moto X3M a try and see if you can beat all the levels!









Finally, one of the most popular games on Coolmathgames is Run 3. It’s the most simple game ever where your alien jumps through an obstacle course in space. As you go through the levels you unlock other specialized levels such as the low-power tunnels where everything gets dark at random times. You also unlock new aliens with cutscenes. Run 3 is very popular so try it here, right now! 


Coolmathgames is very fun and has lots of great and different games to play. It has many genres for every person so try out Coolmathgames today! Also, which one was your favorite? Leave it in the comments!