TMS Tennis Club: Interview

TMS Tennis Club: Interview

Elizabeth Medina, Writer

Did you know our school had a tennis club? Ms. Rassmussen runs the club. Sabrina Vargas and Kylie Khamphouvong founded the club. This club was just created this year. 


Here’s what Ms. Rasmussen has to say:

“What time do you guys meet?”

“Randomly but lately during first lunch once a week”(Ms. Rasmussen)

“What do you guys focus on with tennis?”

“Definitely having fun”(Ms. Rasmussen)

“Do you guys compete with other schools, if so what schools do you compete against?”

“No”(Ms. Rasmussen)

Here’s What the founder and co-founder of the club say:


“Why did you create this club?”

“ When I first created it at the beginning of the year I wanted to do tennis and I knew that other schools had a tennis club like Linfield.”(Sabrina Vargas)

“Do you guys like this club, if so what do you like about it?”

“I like that people just get to hang out and play tennis ”(Sabrina Vargas Grade 6)

“ I know that a lot of people don’t really like tennis so it’s cool to see how many people like tennis at this school”(Kylie Khamphouvong Grade 6)


“How did you find out about the tennis club?”

“I actually helped founded the club”(Kylie Khamphouvong Grade 6)

“I actually created the club and then Kylie helped me spread the word”(Sabrina Vargas Grade 6)


“Will you continue to participate in this club next year?”

“Yes”(Sabrina Vargas Grade 6)

“Yes”(Kylie Khamphouvong Grade 6)

The Tennis Club will continue to keep playing and having fun. Do you like tennis? Will you join this club? Leave a comment!