The Artists Of Our School!


Sophie Stempson and Elizabeth Medina

While walking through the halls do you see any artwork? This art that you may notice is from the art explore class. They do all different kinds of art, from painting to sculpting. These students learn many other skills. Mrs. Mull is the teacher with about 170 students doing art. She teaches periods 1-5 and has an advanced art class during pride.

Mrs. Mull has been teaching at TMS for 4 years, but this is her 12th year teaching art. She has 1 son in 8th grade who goes here. She also has 6 pets, 2 dogs and 4 lizards. Here is what Mrs. Mull has to say!

Mrs. Mull

“Why do you like to teach art?”

“It’s fun, I get to make art all day.” 

“What types of art do you do in class?”

“Drawing, painting, and sculptures.”

“Have you always wanted to do art?”

“No, I didn’t take art till college but from then on I wanted to.” 

These are Mrs. Mull’s favorite art She loves modern, abstract art. She said that the bright colors and patterns are so much more fun to her than realistic art. But in her class, students have the opportunity to do all types of art. They do painting, drawing, ceramics, sculptures, and more!


Mrs. Mull is very passionate about all things art. She helps her students to be the best artists possible. Don’t worry about not having inspiration. There are so many ideas! Or look on the internet, or seek help from friends! Do you like to do art? Leave a comment!