TMS School Garden, One Of Our Best Kept Secrets

TMS School Garden, One Of Our Best Kept Secrets

Elizabeth Medina, Writer

 Did you know we had a school garden? Apples, Pears, and Avocados are what our school garden grows. The TMS school garden has been running for 4 years and it is taken care of by the green club. 


Max Murphy is the student garden expert and Kennedy VanRiper MacLaren also helps with the garden. The school garden is located between rooms 930 and 931. They recently had to downsize the garden and relocate it because of covid. It was originally located on the east side of campus. We asked Mrs. Calverley, the teacher that runs the school garden, and her students some questions about the school garden.

Kennedy VanRiper MacLaren
Mrs. Calverley
Max Murphy

“What do you grow”

“Apples, pears, blueberries, pomegranates, strawberries, lots of mint, and a new avocado tree, we also have many flowers” (Kennedy VanRiper MacLaren)

“Who mainly takes care of the garden”

“Usually Max, Kennedy, and just whoever comes out and the green club and other pride volunteers.” (Mrs. Calverley)

“What’s your favorite thing about the garden”

“It’s usually a nice calm place that we can usually relax. It’s something we can trust. Birds come to the garden, and it’s fun to be outside” (Kennedy VanRiper MacLaren)


These students work hard to grow and maintain our garden so make sure to visit the garden between rooms 930 and 931.  What do you think? Will you join the school garden community? Leave a comment!