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What’s Up With Social Medias Glow Up Trends!



Have you ever walked around your school and seen a 4th grader wearing clothes that should be ment for a 16 year old? Or maybe you’ve seen young girls posting videos on social media ecstatic about starting a new diet so she can fit society’s standards of “perfection”? Have you ever wondered where these trends come from or more importantly, the negative impacts that stem from these newfound standards? These are all effects that have been forged by Social Medias Glow up Culture.    


What’s Glow up Trends?:

Glow up trends are supposed to be a way to show how much better you look and how you’ve met Society’s standards. Glow up trends are usually shown on big social platforms, such as Tik Tok. Glow ups are usually made for one’s liking in their new look or “Glow-up”. Most of the time it’s about someone bashing and looking down on their childhood looks and comparing it to them now saying they got a “Glow-Up” when all they did was grow up.


                               How Are Glow Up Trends Affecting This New generation?:

Glow ups have been affecting the younger generation in so many adverse ways. Starting off with u

sing filters saying it’s their “natural look”.This may seem harmless but younger children aren’t aware of this lie. It’s making Children think they can meet these fake standards when in reality they can never meet these standards which can cause a decline in self esteem. These Glow ups don’t actually make you look better in fact all they do is help you hit Social Media’s standard of pretty or attractive instead of your own Goals of a healthy life.

Just because someone looks good doesn’t mean they feel good.:

I’ve already told you how Social Media affects you but have I told you the unacceptable part of Social Media’s Glow Ups. These Glow Ups have been setting standards that are only made to meet Society’s Goals. These moments have been causing CHILDREN to gloat about creating a new diet to lose weight and get the “perfect body” just to impress some elementary friends. Not only are children shunning the nutrition they need but they are also trying to follow the path of these influencers who are years ahead of them. These moments cause kids to think poorly about themselves and ruin their mental health.


As you can tell many people can be affected and introduced to these misleading  images. Although it is fun to celebrate glow up trends it is still crucial to look after the younger generation. Some ways we can help repair this significant  impact is by teaching this generation how to support each other and learn self love instead of negatively impacting others self esteem. 



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