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National Holidays in February

February is a well-known month filled with many holidays like Black History Month and Valentine’s Day, but there are also national holidays every day. Here are some of the national holidays in February. 


Black History Month (Feb 1-Feb 29)

Black History Month takes place every February and honors all black people from all periods in U.S. history. This holiday brings attention to the contributions of African Americans to the United States dating back to the early 17th Century. This is a time to spread awareness and learn more while supporting the Black community’s traditions, histories, and culture.


Mardi Gras (Feb 13)

Mardi Gras is a huge celebration that happens all around the world. The date changes annually and this year, it’s on February 13th. Mardi Gras means Fat Tuesday in French, which shows the practice of eating foods before the ritual fasting of the Lenten Season. One amazing place to celebrate is in New Orleans. They celebrate with food, dancing, music, and much more! 


Valentine’s Day (Feb 14)

Valentine’s Day is a very well-known holiday that many celebrate. On this day, lovers, family, and friends express their feelings with greetings and gifts. There are many things to do that show whoever your affection towards them. You can get them chocolates, flowers, or even a simple gift. 


Presidents Day (Feb 19) 

Presidents Day was originally made as a celebration of George Washington’s birthday. This day then changed to celebrate many of the president’s accomplishments. You can honor these presidents in many ways. You can make a meal inspired by the president, learn about the president’s history and more. 


National Comfy Day (Feb 20)

This holiday has permitted you to get as comfortable as you want. Wear comfy clothes, be a mess, and eat comfort food. You can be as comfy and lazy as you want. No one knows why this is a holiday, but it sure is a good one. 


Pinocchio Day (Feb 23)

The one and only wooden puppet, Pinnochio. This day is dedicated to the novel, “The Adventures of Pinocchio” written by Carlo Collodi. This story has been made into many films, plays, and even a Disney animated movie! So join in on an activity celebrating this iconic character.


National Strawberry Day (Feb 27) 

National Strawberry Day is celebrated on February 27 to honor the delicious and sweet fruit, strawberry. You can celebrate this holiday by indulging in some strawberries. You can make a strawberry smoothie, bake a strawberry cake, create a strawberry jam, or enjoy strawberry ice cream. There are many ways of celebrating this holiday. 


Leap Day (Feb 29)

Leap day is a very special day because this day only occurs every leap year (4 Years). You can celebrate by making frog-related crafts, going to a trampoline park, and even making time capsules or letters to your future self. This day also brings a discount to most stores, so grab a discount while you can!


Did you know about these national holidays? Are you going to celebrate any of them? Leave a comment!



February Holidays

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