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Meet the TMS Greek Club!

Medusa, Athena, Heracles. Greek mythology is so interesting. If you also think that, take a look at the Greek Club! 

About the Club 

Mrs. Jones runs the club. Each month, the club picks a book to read based on a different topic (Horror, Love, Friendship, etc), and they discuss the book at the next meetings. The meetings are held on the second Tuesday of every month, and at every meeting, they talk about a different Greek myth or holiday. 


What is your favorite Greek myth?


“My favorite Greek myth is Medusa.” (Ava Filippelli, 7th Grade)


“Hercules and the Lion and Pandora’s Box.” (Melina Mousiadis, 7th Grade)


“The three sisters of Fate.” (Sophia Antonic, 6th Grade)


“The one about Pegasus.” (Gemma Cinus, 7th Grade)


“The one about Apollo and Daphne.” (Gabriella Thompson, 7th Grade)


  “The one where Apollo fought Python.” (Evie Nelson, 8th Grade)


Who is your favorite Greek god/goddess/monster?


“My favorite goddess is Athena.” (Ava Filippelli, 7th Grade)


“Zeus.” (Muni Garg, 6th Grade)


“Artemis/Zeus/Hades/Cerberus.” (Melina Mousiadis, 7th Grade)


“Hera.” (Sophia Antonic, 6th Grade)


“Medusa.” (Gemma Cinus, 7th Grade)


“Athena.” (Gabriella Thompson, 7th Grade)


“Apollo/Artemis.” (Evie Nelson, 8th Grade)


Why did you join the Greek Club?


“I joined Greek Club because I am very interested in learning their language and their history in Greece.” (Ava Filippelli, 7th Grade)


“To make new friends.” (Muni Garg, 6th Grade)


“Because I am Greek and I’d like to learn about it.”  (Melina Mousiadis, 7th Grade)


“Because I wanted to learn more about Greece.” (Sophia Antonic, 6th Grade)


“I like talking about Greek Myths.” (Gemma Cinus, 7th Grade)


“I found it interesting.” (Gabriella Thompson, 7th Grade)


What are you most excited to do in the Greek club this year?


“I am most excited to learn their language, and Greek gods and goddesses.” (Ava Filippelli, 7th Grade)


“Going to each meeting.” (Sophia Antonic, 6th Grade)


“The Gingerbread Parthenon.” (Gemma Cinus, 7th Grade)


“I’m not sure.” (Evie Nelson, 8th Grade)



Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Wilson at the Temecula greek festival.

Mrs. Jones

Why did you start the Greek Club?

“My son moved to Greece, and over the years I have visited many times. I love the culture, food, history, people!”


When can new people join the club?

“During Club Rush week, which will be held in the spring.”


What is your favorite thing about Greece?

“My daughter-in-law and soon-to-be grandson! Seriously though, the people are amazing!”


What do they learn about and do in the Greek Club?

“We talk about some of the history and traditions of Greece. The new members are learning about the Greek gods and goddesses.”


How long have you been running the Greek Club?

“This is the second year.”


If this club sounds interesting to you, join next spring during Club Rush!




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    Muni GargOct 27, 2023 at 11:16 am

    Great article! I am in the Greek club and it’s pretty fun.