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3 Scary Books to Read This Halloween


Everyone loves a good scare, but reading one is even better. If you’re a fan of horror, these books are for you!


Hide and Seeker By Daka Hermon

When 12-year-old Zee reappears after being missing for a year, no one knows where he went or how he got back, but his friends Justin, Nia, and Lyric think he’s acting strange. After a creepy game of hide and seek, the first time they’ve been together since Zee got back, weird things start happening. First, everyone who played the game has a strange mark on their wrist. Then, they all disappear into a shadow realm called the Nowhere. Ruled by the shapeshifter called the seeker, Justin and his friends must work together to face their fears and escape, or be trapped in the Nowhere forever.

Small Spaces Quartet By Katherine Arden

After a tragic loss, 11-year-old Ollie can only find happiness in books. So one day, when she sees an old lady trying to throw a book in the river, she steals it and begins reading it. The book is about a girl named Beth and her two brothers who love her. They make a deal with “the smiling man” who grants your most wanted wish but only for the ultimate price. One day, Ollie takes a school trip to Smoke Hollow and finds the graves of all the people she’s been reading about. On the way back, the bus breaks down, forcing their teacher to look for help, leaving the students with the strange bus driver. The bus driver tells them two things, “Best get moving. At nightfall, they’ll come for the rest of you.” Only two of her classmates go with her, but before they leave, the bus driver tells them one more thing, “Avoid large places. Keep to small.” 



The Night Gardener By Jonathan Auxier

When siblings Molly and Kip go to work in a creepy English manor as servants, they realize that things are not as they seem. The siblings encounter a mysterious stranger, and soon after, an ancient curse is put upon them that could change their lives forever. 


If you think these books sound amazingly terrifying, check them out at the library today! For more horror suggestions, click here!



Hide and Seeker

The Night Gardener

Small Spaces

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    Laila WilliamsNov 2, 2023 at 11:59 am

    i don’t read but the first book sounds good