DIY Summer Crafts/Hacks!

DIY Summer Crafts/Hacks!

Ilker Erkin and Natalie Ward


Summer lasts 2 months, and it can get boring or annoying, no one wants to be bored in summer. If you are feeling a bit creative, try these crafts/hacks to keep you busy during the summer!

If your dog is begging for food, you should make them a treat. There are many easy treats you can make like frozen snacks, ice cream (for dogs), and treats. For all of these delicious treats, you can follow the recipes and make treats you and your dog can feast on during the Summer!

Most people go to the beach during the summer to have some fun. There are many seashells lying around, so grab some shells the next time you go. After you grab the shells and get the sand off them, you should paint them and give them away to anyone or keep them for yourself.

If you go on hikes, lakes, or the beach grab the lonely rocks you see laying around. Be careful though some beaches/lakes don’t allow you to take rocks, You can paint the rocks and hide them around Temecula for adults, kids, and families to find. If you do hide them, you need to write @temecularox so people can take a photo of the rock and post it on social media to see your creation.

Summertime is the hottest time of the year so sometimes you must be creative.  Since it’s hot and you are bored, you should make ice cream in a bag. First, you need a big bag, a small bag, ice, salt, whipping cream (the liquid), milk, and any flavoring if you want. Then you need to combine all the ingredients in the small bag, put ice in the bigger bag, and layer it with a ton of salt. Make sure the bag is sealed and place it in the bigger one. Then you can shake it and eventually, you have ice cream. Here’s the recipe!

If you have siblings, you know you get mad and need a relaxing break once in a while. You should try air dry clay.  Clay is so fun because you can make whatever you want and the clay takes a while to dry so while you wait you can do anything that makes you happy. Once the clay is dry you can bring life into it and paint it.


We hope you enjoyed learning about the fun and easy things you should do during the summer! We hope you stay cool and ready for school! Leave a comment about what you will do! Have a great summer!