Rush to Student Venture for Club Rush!


Natalie Ward, Writer



 So you what to join a club for club rush ? Perfect because TMS PRESS has an idea. STUDENT VENTURE !!

  Student Venture teaches you about the word of God and the bible. Ms. Miles and Mr. Hinrichs teach the Student Venture every Wednesday during your lunch. Ms. Miles teaches First lunch room 308  and Mr. Hinrichs teaches Second lunch room 925. You don’t have to fill out anything all you do is show up during your lunch. So, you still more convincing? Ok, let’s ask some people about it.


What do you teach in Student Venture?

Talk about the Christian faith and the challenges we are facing and the faith that helps us overcome tough things that are happening to us. Some students read their favorite verses of the bible or share their testimony” (Ms.Miles)


“We Teach about Christianity and the bible” (Mr. Hinrichs)


      Why do you teach Student Venture?


“Because I am a Christian and it helps kids explore their faith and fellowship  and it brings us together.” (Ms.Miles)


“Two reasons, One, Christianity is very important to me and I like working with kids and I like supporting  students’ personal beliefs.” (Mr. Hinrichs)


                  Why is God’s word so important to you?


 “ It is how God reveals himself to us and what foods are good for our soul. How to please him. It’s very cool because he reveals himself through his word.  So there was this one girl that didn’t believe but she wanted to and she said she had a dream that revealed God to her. God’s word is an invitation to follow him.” (Ms.Miles) 


“God is important to me so  his word is also very important to me  and it answers some of the most important questions in life.” ( Mr Hinrichs) 


“It’s important because  it Guides me and it gives me a sense of direction of guidance and faith.” ( Simon Falcioni 8th grade)


 “Because God’s word shows me  what is good and what is bad and how to fix it.”  (JaNiiah Frazier 6th)  


“Because I like learning about God and It is  very important to me.” (Leslie Archer 6th)


         Why do you like Student Venture? 


“Because you get to learn more about god.” (JaNiiah Frazler 6th )


“Every time we do a Kahoot about God and the bible also one kid each week  reads their favorite bible verse.” (Leslie Archer 6th)  


Because it’s a nice place, I can get out of the crowd and learn something new that I did not know before.”  (Simon Falconi 8th) 


           What do you learn in Student Venture? 


“I learn about the  word of God, advice that you can put towards your day to day life.” (Simon Falcioni 8th) 


“You learn about God and how he made an impact on our lives.”(JaNiiah  Frazier 6th)


“About the bible and God” (Leslie Archer 6th)


Is that enough information? Will we see you at Student Venture? Do you want to learn about God? Leave a comment!