ASB: Awesome Student Body – What is It All About?


Ilker Erkin and Henry Serge

ASB: Awesome Student Body – What is It All About?


The ASB is a club where you get to be in a leadership role and work with other people to put out different activities, spirit days, and more! However, although this club may sound fun, it isn’t the easiest to get into. You must be very responsible, and it’s a time commitment to be in this club, but if you get in you will have a blast! There are parties and fun activities. Mrs. Cardinale is in charge of the ASB, she also teaches P.E. here at TMS. She is super kind and an amazing teacher! Here’s what ASB members have to say about ASB:


How long have you been in ASB?

Reese Foster (6th) – 1 year

Shayla Paugh-Lawrence (7th) – 1 year 

Adrianna Barton (8th) – 2 years


How can students join ASB?

Reese Foster (6th), Shayla Paugh-Lawernce (7th), Adrianna Barton (8th) – First email Mrs. Cardinale then ask her for a form, the form will ask questions about you and leadership. 


Which activity did you do that was your favorite? 

Reese Foster (6th) – Carnival

Shayla Paugh-Lawernce (7th) – Christmas Party

Adrianna Barton (8th) – Secret Santa


What do you do inside of the ASB class?

Adrianna Barton (8th) – Plan activities and make posters.

Reese Foster (6th) – Plan activities, make posters, etc. 

Shayla Paugh-Lawrence (7th) – Clean up the school


In one word describe ASB: 

Reese Foster (6th) – Responsibility 

Shayla Paugh-Lawrence (7th) – Leadership

Adrianna Barton (8th) – Integrity 


If this club seems fun or interesting, you can try applying when the club rush comes next year. If you’d like more information on ASB, click the link right here! More info on ASB