Dall-E Meets ChatGPT: When AI Collaborates with Art

Isabelle Marx, Vice President & Writer

The new AI platform: What is it all about? Dall-e and ChatGPT are some newly made OpenAI and have been flaring up on social media ever since it’s been opened up to the public. It comes up with answers that are designated to complete what you asked for.



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The basics: A human-like processing system that can generate answers to what you ask. It’s a great thing for school because it can help out with writing emails to teachers, or help out with a problem you’re stuck on.


It is a free website for the most part because the developers are more interested in the feedback received by people like you. But in addition to it being free though, there are also 2 options for ChatGPT called “ChatGPT Plus” with the first one being $20 per month for a pilot program and $42 per month for an early access program. 

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This app has gotten popular fast and according to the Swiss Bank UBS, it is the fastest-growing app of all time with more than 1 million users in the first 5 days of its launch. In comparison to TikTok, there were 100 million users within the first 2 months, while it took TikTok nine months to achieve the same goal! 


To access it, either look up ChatGPT or visit chat.openai.com to start. 



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Dall-E is just like ChatGPT, but it’s the more artistic version of it. There are many styles that you can use, from oil painting to a real-life version of the prompt that you put in. For example, if you put in “an oil painting of a monkey in a spacesuit on the moon” (Zapier), it will give you 4 different pictures of different things fitting that category.


It’s an easy app to use and is a free app. Once you sign up though, you only get to generate 50 times, and with 4 pictures per generation, that’s 200 images. But you get 15 more each month, so if you want to be on the safe side, use it wisely. In addition to it, if you ever tend to run out, you can buy 115 more for $15.


If you’re struggling with ideas to type in, they have images above where you can generate your prompt or you could press “surprise me” for anything. 


You have to write good prompts if you want your vision to come true. For example, if you just write “a book with words”, it will just give that, so if you want something more interesting, add some deep details about your request. 


These programs are booming like crazy around the world. Have you used either of these before? What are some interesting things that you’ve got a response to? Tell us in the comments!



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