How Rare Are YOU?: Rare Features That YOU May Have!

Giuliana V. Deis

Everyone in the world is different and unique with different personality traits. People have different hair colors, eye colors, and skin types. It’s nearly impossible to find someone that looks just like you! But what really sets YOU apart from others? 

Blonde Hair 2%

Did you know that only 2% of people on Earth have blonde hair? If you have blonde hair you most likely have A LOT of hair! 

Green Eyes 2%

Do you have green eyes? If so, you are part of the 2% of people on Earth with green eyes! Most people with green eyes are from Ireland, Scotland, and northern Europe!

Aquarius 6.3%

If you were born from January 20 to February 18 you are an Aquarius. Aquarius are rare because January and February are the months with the least amount of births. 

Red Hair Less Than 2%

Red hair is the rarest hair color. In fact,  less than 2% of people have it.  If you have red hair you most likely don’t have a lot of hair with only around  90,000 strands of hair compared to brunettes with around 140,000 strands of hair.

Freckles 30%

Although freckles aren’t THE rarest, it’s still pretty rare. You are not born with freckles, but they are linked with genetics. In fact, your freckles usually show up between the ages of 2 and 4!


Do you have any of these features? Leave a comment!



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