Wednesday: EveryTHING you need to know

 Whether you love it or hate it, you’ve at least heard of Wednesday, the show that took over the internet. Released on November 23, 2022, “ Wednesday” broke record after record, being the second most watched show, ( the first being squid game) having 1 billion watch hours on Netflix. So, why?


The series is about Wednesday Adams who is moved to a school called Nevermore with outcasts like vampires and sirens. Wednesday is trying to solve a mystery about a murder case and trying to find out who the “monster” is. Along the way, she makes some friends and foes, which leads to dead ends and questions about who her real allies are. 


 Many people love this show, as seen by its many trends and positive reviews.  The main thing people don’t like about it is that it doesn’t give the “Adams family charm” and that they liked the original more because it was about this weird family. However, people forget that this show isn’t about the Adams family, it’s about Wednesday, and the other members of the Adams family are side characters.



Along with the trends that people come up with, many theories for the second season have also surfaced. The top three best theories are: 

Tyler is part of MorningSong

Some fans have theorized that Tyler is a part of MorningSong because of the boot camp that he mentioned that he went to after the “incident” on outreach day with Xavier to become a “better person”. In the show, Bianca’s mother (who is a siren) talks about how MorningSong is to make people full and “ the best version of themselves” but MorningSong is actually controlling people. Some people have theorized that the boot camp that Tyler went to is actually MorningSong and that they are the ones controlling Tyler at the end of the last episode.  


Lurch isn’t who you think he is

Lurch is faithful to the Adams family, but some have theorized that he shouldn’t be as trusted as he is now. Fans have theorized that “Lurch” is really Wednesday’s stalker who is a shapeshifter. People have noticed that in the first episode, Lurch has grey, pale eyes while at the end when he picks up Wednesday from Nevermore, he has dark eyes. In addition, it seems a little weird that none of the other Adams family members are there with “Lurch”. This could lead to something much greater like Lurch being a shapeshifter like Principal Weems and maybe even Wednesday’s stalker.                                                               



Xavier could be a part of the Gates family

The last theory is that Xavier might be a part of the antagonist family, the Gates. People have noticed that Mr. Gates looks a lot like Xavier. If Xavier were part of the Gates family it would make Xavier the younger brother of Laurel who was the one who was controlling Tyler or the Hyde. This theory would also explain why Xavier is so obsessed with the Hyde and why he sees them in his dreams.


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