Magic Mondays: TMS’s Hidden Gem

Magic Mondays: TMSs Hidden Gem

Samantha Dos Santos

Magic Mondays is a fun activity for kids looking for a new game to play. During second lunch in Mrs. Akashian’s room ( 406) kids come on Mondays to play Magic the Gathering, a table- top card game with many different decks, cards, and strategies.

Magic the Gathering is very complex, and has a lot of rules, but when you know them it can be a fun game to play. On Magic Mondays, kids usually play standard. A standard game in magic is when you have a deck of up to sixty cards. On your first turn you draw seven cards. You then place a land or basic land that can be tapped for mana. Mana can pay for creatures, sorcery, enchantments ect. You can use the creatures to attack your opponent, the opponent can block with one of their creatures or take the damage. You win when your opponent loses all of their life or if they cannot draw a card.  

 J.B. Bryson, Bridget Gibney, Jamison Taylor, Zac Edwards, Brendan Tek, and Nayeli Marron regularly come to Magic Mondays.


Magic Mondays are “ Hidden Gems” because they aren’t really known that well. Most kids know about it because they had Mrs. Akashian for seventh grade. On average, there are about eight kids that come regularly. The kids that do know about it and come have a fun time though. The kids come together to play Magic but also to play any table- top game they bring. It is a small community, but also a tight- knit one.   


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