Top 10 Things to Try in Your Free Time


Isabelle Marx, Vice President & Writer

Sometimes we have no clue what to do when we’re done with homework.  It is probably really boring when it happens, maybe you just need a break from something. Hopefully, you will find something to do in this article!


Take Online Quizzes


There is nearly a quiz for everything you can think of from a book to a video game. There are many non-educational quizzes as well as educational quizzes. Buzzfeed has a lot of fun quizzes like food subjects and Disney. 




Whether a video game or a board game, playing with friends is fun. Games like Monopoly or Fornite are common games in our generation. It is a fun way to spend hours and it can relax people after a long day.


Try a New Hobby

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When you try a new hobby, you can try cooking, photographing,  art, baking, or dancing. You can also join a local club or do boy/girl scouts. It can help you relax and get your head in the clouds.


Create a playlist


Creating a playlist is a fun way to get yourself amused and the bonus is that you can listen whenever you want! Also listening to positive songs like “Don’t Stop Believing by Journey” can boost you when you feel down.


Learn an instrument


It can be a perfect time to learn something new and learning an instrument is really fun. Whether it is a guitar or a woodwind instrument, it is something that can always be improved on.


Write a Short Story

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You can’t really go wrong with this. It is a fun thing to put creative ideas down on paper and out of this world. 


Do a Puzzle

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It’s a fun way to put your hands to a lot of work. Plus, if it is a big puzzle, it gives you enough time to distract yourself from other things. It’s also exciting when it is finished and you feel accomplished.


Build a Fort

The Kitchn

Using items like blankets and chairs makes a fun fort in your room or really anywhere you can find space. Release your inner child and let it fly. It can also be a little space for you to just relax and get away from the world.


Write a Letter


We are in an era when we really only text and call people. By doing that, we don’t really put thought into it and feeling. It is very thoughtful to whoever you write it to because it will make them feel cared about and loved by you.


Tie Dye


It’s a fun way to express yourself through clothes. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know how to tie dye or are an expert at it! But if you want, they have tie-dye kits at Walmart.


Are there any of these that you will try? Leave a comment and you can always come back again if you need a refresher!