Popular Halloween Costumes

Popular Halloween Costumes

Michaela Salciccia and Sophie Stempson, Authors

What were you for Halloween this year? You could have been someone from your favorite movie or tv show, maybe even someone who inspires you. This year there were so many new, trending costumes!!


Group Costumes 


Stranger Things

This year Stranger Things was a huge hit. Many kids were very interested in this show. We saw a lot of groups dress up as the characters from Stranger Things. Most groups had 5-10 people in them. People got creative dressing up as the main characters and even a Demogorgon from this popping show.


Hocus Pocus

The new Hocus Pocus 2 was recently released so, many people got inspiration from that to dress up as a Sanderson Sister for Halloween. They dressed up as Winefred, Sarah, and Mary in a group of 3.



This tasty loved candy has turned from food to costumes! Many friend groups this year have chosen to dress up as these cute beloved candies instead of people. It is usually from 2-10 people who dress up as these tasty colorful treats.  


Many people this year chose to dress up as the beloved characters that save the world in the ghostbusters movie collection. Not only friend groups but also families have thought of this brilliant idea. Some people even went above and beyond and not only dressed as ghostbusters but also as the monsters that they defeated. So, “Who you gonna call”?


Care Bears

Believe it or not, multiple people have dressed as these beloved adorable bears. It is the perfect costume for any friend group with more than 4 people. It is an easy, quick idea that you could do or if you want to take it a step higher you could become even more creative with your costume.


 Solo costumes


Marvel characters

Marvel has recently announced that they are making many new movies. With that, their popularity is on the rise. From Captain America to Black Panther, many kids dressed up as one of the various Marvel characters. 


The Classic’s


Do you ever see the same costume every year? This is probably because it’s a classic costume and perfect for all ages. Some classic costumes are a pirate, mummies, clowns, and many more. These costumes can be creepy or cute, that might be why people love them so much. 



These lifesaving people are a very new popular costume that many are beginning to dress up as. Not only could they save your life but they also are a great idea for a Halloween costume. Not only is it fashionable but easy to run for candy.


Inflatable Costumes

Inflatable costumes are -some of the most popular costumes. Not only are they funny but they are fun to play with and walk in. It may be a little difficult to walk in but it is all worth it when you hear that amazing compliment about your costume. There is also a fan on the inside to not only blow up your costume but to also keep you cool.




This fashionable doll has turned into a brilliant idea for a very girly costume. Some people have just dressed up as Barbie, others like this girl even added boxes or brought along a Ken. This iconic doll is not only just a toy and tv show to watch and play with but also a real character you can dress up as.



This fashionable chic has become an inspiration for costume ideas for girls. The most popular girl to dress up as from clueless is Cher. This is an easy costume that you can put together to look fabulous. No matter who you are, any girl could rock this costume!!!


From a mummy to a superhero, there are so many options to choose from to be for Halloween. Which was your favorite costume you saw this year? Leave a comment below!