TMS Volleyball Team


Finley Skumawitz, Secretary

Are you on a TMS sports team? Are you interested in being in one? There are so many TMS teams you can join and enjoy! Let’s focus on one, in particular, the TMS Volleyball Team! These strong, energetic girls are great at what they love and from the beginning to the end of the season,  they have improved a lot. Serving from the back line, getting hits, setting, going for the ball, and so much more.

This year, their team went all the way and made it to the championship! As they stepped onto the battlefield of the first round of the championship, they were excited and readier than ever. They worked hard and competed with great attitude the whole time. Their coach was Coach Amber who coached for Forza. The girls on the team were none other than Emma Rekedal, Shaylin DeVries, Lexyus Melkus, Dani Downing, Alexa Hawkins, Adriana Barton, Autumn Ruff, Vivian Rojas, Vannya Rojas, Finley Skumawitz, and Makenna Roesti.

Makenna Roseti told us what she thinks of this amazing team. “The girls in general are marvelous. They always had good spirit and attitude but a couple of them got mad over the silliest things and not just at themselves but the team too.” Overall about the season she stated, “Well, we definitely had a good team and did well for the most part, but I feel like if we worked a little harder we could have made it farther.” Even after their loss in the first round of the championship, the girls still kept their high spirit attitude.

Her final thoughts on the championship game were,  “ In the first match of the game, I felt good about what was happening and after we won that first match I felt like we had it in the bag. In the second match, which we lost, I felt like we needed to pick up the slack and work better as a team. When we lost the third match, knowing it was all over, I felt like punching something, but I knew that we did well and had gone far. And by the way, I didn’t end up punching something!”

Adriana Barton, the team’s spirit builder chimed in,  “In the first match I felt pretty good about it because we won. I felt like we got this. For the second one, I was thinking we did ok but we did lose. When we lost the third match I felt like we lost because we lost hope and got tired too quickly.”Adriana’s view of their overall performance came up with six strong words. “We put our best foot forward.” 

Even after losing, the TMS team still made it 4th place in the silver bracket which is amazing if you think about it. Each and everyone one of those girls contributed so much to this team from their attitude and spirit to the way they played on the court. Even after all that, this is only the TMS volleyball team.

There are so many more TMS sports that you can play.  Ask your PE teacher to see what sport is coming up next. Being part of a team can be great fun.

If you see any of these amazing girls, tell them “good job” or give them a high five because they worked so hard. Harder than you could ever imagine. Great job girls!