Plastic Baby Pandemic

Plastic Baby Pandemic

Lauren Slusser

I bet you’ve seen one of these tiny plastic babies around school. If not, they are tiny plastic babies about an inch tall. They tend to be hidden around the school and this is how it all started. 


These babies have been hidden around other schools starting with Chelsea High School. And since then, people have been finding creative ways to use them. For instance, they have been used for jewelry and decorations. People find interesting places to hide them, like sitting on a water fountain or on a teacher’s desk. This all started from a Tik Tok trend, but the babies were originally manufactured for a different reason.

The reason why these babies were manufactured is because they are used in a Mardi Gras tradition. These tiny babies are hidden in what’s called a king’s cake. They hide them in the king’s cake and whoever gets the slice of cake with the baby gets a prize. They get to be a queen or king for a day and get to host the party next year.


There is a lot to learn about traditions from other people’s culture.  Now you know why your average plastic babies are made not just for a practical joke, but for a meaningful tradition.