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Come meet our new Assistant Principals

Come meet our new Assistant Principals

At the start of the 2023 -2024 school year, we had one vice principal and then she went to TVHS.  Now we have two new Assistant principals, but who are they? During the 5th or 6th week of the new year, Mrs. McCreary and Mrs. Fuehrer joined our Bobcat Team. While not many of the Bobcat students know about them, there is lot to learn about these great leaders. 

(Mrs. McCreary)                    ( Mrs. Fuehrer)_

What do you specialize in?


“Academic Student Interventions or Support.” ( Mrs. McCreary)


“Support the staff and students to bring out the best in the school and help the kids grow.” ( Mrs. Fuehrer)


 What is your favorite animal?


“Dog” ( Mrs. McCreary)


“Dog” ( Mrs.Fuehrer)


What’s your favorite color?

“Blue” ( Mrs. McCreary)


“Black” ( Mrs. Fuehrer)


How long have you been in the teaching industry?


“ 25 years I taught in San Diego for 18 and a half years and now I am here” (Mrs.McCreary)


“15 years 10 years tile education Speacialzation in the TVUSD department.” (Mrs.Fuehrer)


Why do you like working with middle school kids?


“Because working with kids makes every day different and unique every student has different needs and it is always fun to help them” ( Mrs. McCreary)


“It’s fun to grow their personalities and to leave a positive impact on them.”   ( Mrs. Fuehrer)


What’s your favorite kid-friendly movie?


“WALL-E” ( Mrs. McCreary) 


“ Coco” ( Mrs. Fuehrer)


What is your favorite subject?


“Math and history” (Mrs. McCreary)


“Social Studies” ( Mrs. Fuehrer)



There you guys have it,  Did this help you get to know them? If you see them around say hi and start a conversation  Leave a Comment! 

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