Hawaii; Is it Overrated?

Hawaii; Is it Overrated?

Ilker Erkin and Henry Serge


When you think of Hawaii you probably think of relaxation and non-stop fun. But even if it seems like never-ending relaxation it can be stressful and overrated. For example, getting a flight can take time and effort. So let’s see if Hawaii really is overrated!


Although Hawaii is a wonderful place, this topic is divided.  Most people are lucky to even go to Hawaii, which can be packed with many other tourists. There are many astonishing views, trails, and amazing food in Hawaii, but it is quite pricey. Some people think Hawaii is overrated, others disagree. We asked 40 students for their opinion. 


The Classes


Guzman (6th): 5 yes, 1 no

Vogt (6th): 3 yes, 1 no

Calverley (7th- 8th): 4 yes, 1 no

Carbajal (6th): 2 yes, 5 no

Easterbrook (6th): 1 yes, 5 no

Molstre (6th): 2 yes, 4 no

Salcedo (6th), 6 yes, 0 no


23/40 Students think Hawaii is overrated

17/40 Students think Hawaii is not overrated


We can see that Hawaii is overrated to a majority of kids. But, it is still pretty even. Some kids that think it’s overrated say that people talk too much about it and that there’s nothing really to do. Now, let’s get into more reasons why!


Why It’s Overrated

  1. Boring and is like everywhere else in the world.
  2. Way too overpriced for everything.
  3. It’s talked about way too much!

It can be way too crowded during the summer months and can be challenging to find a quiet place. Hawaii can have high costs, which makes it hard for people with tight budgets. Since many people tend to visit Hawaii, there is an increase in pollution and the destruction of many ecosystems. Over-harvesting for materials can lead to harm to the wild. 


Why it isn’t Overrated

  1. Unforgettable sunsets & weather
  2. The water and beaches are amazing!
  3. The food is delicious & the people are super friendly!

Hawaii has many things to offer, many activities, the warm climate, and of course the natural beauty! This combination of characteristics makes Hawaii a unique and very popular location. Hawaii is an unforgettable place, with its range from the cultures and adventures, to the amazing view and food. Many people go year after year, showing that Hawaii can be a very fun trip. 


Hawaii is absolutely beautiful with the weather, people, aroma, beaches, etc. People can have their own opinions on if they think Hawaii is overrated. What is your opinion? Leave a Comment!



Is Hawaii Overrated or Not?