Starbucks VS Jamba Juice: Which is Better?


We all know Jamba Juice serves refreshing delicious smoothies that come in many, many different flavors. Then there is Starbucks. It has refreshers and hot drinks, but when we’re talking summertime we NEED to know which is better!


Jamba Juice

Jamba Juice is well known for its delicious smoothies that almost everyone enjoys.  Founded on March 31, 1990, Jamba Juice has natural ingredients with foods fueled with protein. You can always guarantee a fresh smoothie and passionate employees when you go to Jamba Juice.



Starbucks is extremely popular nowadays as you probably know. You can get hot drinks, cold drinks, and yummy food! But again we are talking about summertime and Starbucks has perfectness for that too. They have their delicious refreshers that come in a BUNCH of different flavors! And if you are craving something sweet to accompany your refresher, you can guarantee a lovely snack at Starbucks.


In Mrs. Kruger’s PRIDE class, out of 10 students interviewed, 5 chose Starbucks and 5 chose Jamba Juice. This is obviously a very even debate!


It’s a very hard choice between the two. So which would you choose? If you choose Jamba Juice what’s your go-to smoothie and if you choose Starbucks what drink is your favorite? Leave a comment!