UNIQUE Sports You Probably NEVER Heard Of!

UNIQUE Sports You Probably NEVER Heard Of!

Finley Skumawitz, Secretary

Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. These are all sports you are probably more than just familiar with. In fact, you probably either play or hear about them everyday! Most people play these types of sports that are all well known, like soccer, volleyball or basketball. Little did you know that there are so many more crazy, maybe even unnecessary sports that you may have never heard of!

Toe Wrestling

 Yep, you heard it: toe wrestling. Toe wrestling is a real sport that is a hit in England. If you have ever had a thumb war or wrestled before, it is just like that but… with toes. Here is a short video so you can see what toe wrestling is all about. Toe Wrestling

Shin Kicking

Shin kicking is another big hit in England. You kick the other man or woman’s shin until they fall to the ground. If the opponent falls, the other is the winner of that round. Here is a video if you want to see this unique sport in action.Shin Kicking



Lawn Mower Racing

Lawn Mower Racing is a legit sport performed in the snow. Each competitor has their own lawn mower, they rev it up and get ready to race around a snow covered track with their lawn mower. Here is a video if you are interested in this sport. Lawn Mower Racing

Chess Boxing

Chess boxing is a commonly played sport in the UK, India, Finland, and Russia but it originated in France. It starts with four minutes of chess, followed by a three minute round of boxing. The fight ends by either a knockout, checkmate, exceeding the time limit, or by the judge’s decision. Here is a step by step clip if you are interested in chess boxing.

Chess Boxing

Swamp Soccer

Swamp soccer is yet again an unusual sport for us but not for others. In places like Germany and Iceland, this sport is just like the soccer we play here but in a swamp! They play with two 12 minute halves and there are 6 players on the field. Here is a short video if you want to see swamp soccer in action! Swamp Soccer

All of these fascinating and unique sports are mostly playable and definitely watchable. Maybe you would be interested in creating your own unique game! Comment below what kind of games you want to create!