Beginning Band’s Fall Concert Extravaganza

 Beginning Band’s Fall Concert Extravaganza

Fernanda Capistran, Writer




Beginning Band’s fall concert occurred on October 26th at Vail Ranch Headquarters, starting from around 5:30 PM, and these Bobcats are just getting started! These beginning band students range from 6th and  7th graders. Instruments like woodwinds like flutes and clarinets and brass instruments like trombones and trumpets were played. The different varieties of instruments bring out lots of joy and musical activity all around Vail Ranch. 


The band takes time and energy to be able just to blow a note, and they were all able to play a whole variety of music, all directed by Mr. Aviles. Ivan Aviles is TMS’s band director and music teacher for 7-8 years, helping his students grow and give their full potential on what they want to perfect. He urges his students to keep on trying their best, providing lots of support and bits of humor in his lessons.


Not only was the band playing, there was also a fundraiser at the Vail Ranch Pizzeria, where families could go after the concert and enjoy a meal that’s to die for,  open 7 days a week from 11 AM to 9 PM. The profits made at Vail Ranch will be added toward the Beginning Band’s Disney Trip!






In this photo: Ivan Aviles & Marvin Morton

Mr. Aviles also teaches Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and even Jazz Band! 


Songs like Old McDonald Had a Band to even just their note practices, these students have been already proving themselves to be capable of greatness. Now we can only imagine what heights these Bobcats can reach. Go get them, Beginning Band!