Mrs. Prato’s Pumpkin In Disguise Contest

Mrs. Pratos Pumpkin In Disguise Contest

Mrs. Prato’s pumpkin in disguise contest was a big hit. In this contest, students had to design and create disguises for pumpkins, but they couldn’t carve them.  The pumpkins had to be done by October 24th and were judged by students until October 28th.

Many students got creative and their work was great. Students made pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. The winner ended up being the guillotine pumpkin, created by Melina Mousiadis. Second place was Lily Bock who made the haunted house pumpkin. Jake Epperly who made the candy apple pumpkin placed third. Alex Pursley placed fourth with his Leatherface pumpkin. Mrs. Prato’s pick was the Perry The Platypus pumpkin made by Mckayla Lee. 










What were the rules for this contest? Well, you could not use a plastic pumpkin. You also couldn’t carve or cut into the pumpkin, but you could stick things into it. You were also not allowed to work with someone else on it, though, you were allowed to use multiple pumpkins. Bobcat students anonymously voted using loose change and cash, using it as a fundraiser for the school library.



Here are some contestants’ pumpkins. Pumpkin number one was disguised as Leatherface, this pumpkin placed fourth. The second pumpkin was disguised as a donut. The third pumpkin was a bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes. These pumpkins are examples of how creative our Bobcats can be.













Pumpkin number 4 was disguised as a duck and its 3 chicks. The duck family was all dressed up for Halloween. 5 was a fruit, 
6 had a candy theme, and 7 was a witch. A lot of people liked these pumpkins.












9 was a burger.
These pumpkins looked like they took very long to create.   8 was an Among Us character.
Number 10 was Beetlejuice, and 11 was a witch




These next pumpkins were great. 12 was a candy apple, and this pumpkin was placed third. The next pumpkin was an upside-down ice cream cone. 14 was a gumball machine,
15 looked like some macaroons, number 16 was a cow, and 17 and 18 were painted and decorated cutely.

















19 was Perry the Platypus, this was Mrs. Prato’s pick. 20 was a black cat and 21 was another cat



22 was Elmo and 23 was an Among Us character in a guillotine, this pumpkin was first place. 24 was disguised as Papa Smurf.


These last pumpkins were terrific. Number 25 was a haunted house, this pumpkin placed second. 26 was a Cerberus, and 27 was The Rock.


Very talented people made all of these pumpkins. Which pumpkin was your favorite? Did you decorate a pumpkin this year? Leave a comment!