TMS football


The TMS flag football team is an awesome team that plays at TMS. Sadly you can’t join because there are no more slots in the auditions so if you got in well you are one of the lucky ones. Our TMS team is a good team and if you are in it, then that is awesome because then you must be great or good or ok at the sport right. Well you may not have to be awesome or something but our TMS team will just be better and will beat the other team like a piece of cake. People may not be able to join but even though you can still cheer on the team they are playing during lunch and after school. Sometimes they play at lunch but other times they do not play at lunch time. That is why some times people were not allowed to play out on the field.

This football team might be the TMS team one day. This will be what the TMS teams get for doing so well in their games. We’ve won most of the games so far and show good sportsmanship. Go TMS Go, Go TMS Go.