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Kindness Matters Week!

September 25/30 was Kindness Matters week! ASB held fun spirit days and lunch activities. These days were Carry Your Kindness, Round Up Kindness, Crazy For Kindness, Be Bold And Bright Like Barbie, and Kindness Is Timeless. Let’s take a look at our Bobcat spirit!

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  • Luke Meyer, Kingston Thomas

  • Maria Daquis, Mya George, Selena Okpiabhele

  • Joshua’s Collins, Lenon Brynt, Riley Schulze, and Jake Epperly

  • Nicholas Martinez, Mr. Hinrichs

  • Logan Scott, Mia Panek

  • Brandon Boyd, Grace Wheeler, Mia Duffield

  • Shawn S, Corrine S, Elliana R, Kloe R, Elizabeth M, Sophie S, and Joshuah

  • Emilio Crespo, Liam Erno,

  • Angelina Donaldson, Zilale Erkin

  • Zoey Speer, Shaylin DeVries, Reese Foster

  • Caitlin W. and Mrs. Cardinale

  • Ilker Erkin and Calista Stranburg

  • Lauren O., Sofia S., Garreth E.

  • Abigail B. and Gabriana W.

  • A friend group at lunch wearing their Barbie outfits.

  • Liam Erno and Lukas Wuertz

  • Lucas Zuniga and Ariella Riley

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Carry Your Kindness

Monday was Carry Your Kindness Day. On this day students brought anything but a backpack. They brought suitcases, tote bags, and even mini shopping carts!

 Round Up Kindness

Tuesday was Carry Your Kindness Day. Bobcats wore their best western gear. From a cowboy hat to a bandana we saw it all!

 Crazy For Kindness

Wednesday was crazy for Kindness Day! On this day students had a choice between crazy hat and crazy hair. They dyed their hair, styled their hair in weird looks, and so much more. 

Be Bold And Bright Like Barbie

Thursday was Be Bold And Bright Like Barbie Day. There was pink everywhere you looked! There were tutus, hats, dresses, and more.

 Kindness Is Timeless

Friday was Kindness Is Timeless Day. Bobcats had the opportunity to dress up as old people. Some could be seen using walkers or canes and some even had gray hair and pearls.

Even though this week had fun spirit days, the main point of it is to remind students to always be kind and to treat everyone with respect! Did you dress up for Kindness Matters week? What was your favorite day of the week? Leave a comment!

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