Is Disney Losing Their Magic?

Isabela Borghi Zechim, Author

Almost everyone knows what Disney is and has watched some of their movies. From Lion King to Peter Pan, Disney is known for their exciting stories, charming characters, and beautiful animation. However, in Disney’s most recent movies, people have thought that the films were not comparable to the old classics and that most of their stories were too similar. Is this true?


Disney is indeed focusing on live-action versions of their classic stories. This year we are getting a live-action Peter Pan and Wendy, ( April 28, 2023) and, The Little Mermaid (May 26, 2023). A large number of people think that they lost the magic of the old classics and are looking very dull. However, these live-action movies do give us an inside look at our favorite characters’ backstories. One movie that does this is Beauty and the Beast. This movie gives us a great look at Belle’s tragic backstory that we would have never known if not for the live-action.


Another problem people have with Disney’s newest movies is that there isn’t enough new likable music and not many musicals. However, people are forgetting the new musical that took everyone by surprise and became the second-most-played playlist that year. “We Don’t Talk about Bruno” and all the songs from Encanto prove to be good as it’s a spot of second most played (the first being “A Whole New World”).


Stepping away from live-action movies, some say the new animated films are way too predictable and the stories keep being recycled. But even though some of their movies are predictable like Raya and the lost dragon, Disney always makes sure to create a new world with interesting characters so that it is still fresh and exciting.  


What do you think? Are these movies truly not good or are they underrated? Let us know in the comments!