Top 5 St. Pattys day foods you must try!

Top 5 St. Pattys day foods you must try!

Natalie Ward, Writer

St. Patrick’s day originated in Ireland for religious purposes. They had a big feast on the first St. Patrick’s day. Ireland has many foods but they eat the most traditional foods. Here are a few to try! 


  1. Colcannon

Colcannon is an Irish/Scottish food made from boiled cabbage and mashed potatoes. The root cole came from the word cannonball, which was used for mashing veggies.


  1. Irish soda bread

Irish soda bread is bread made with a lot of baking soda. The bread is colored with add-ins from nuts to dried berries.


  1. Barmbrack

Barmbrack is a spiced bread. One tradition with this bread is a ring. People will bake the ring into the bread and if you find it you get good luck in the new year. Barmbrack is a dish that started because of Halloween but they switched it to a St. Patricks day food.


4. Shepherds pie

Shepherd’s pie is a savory pie dish. It’s filled with juicy and soft veggies and a meat of your choice, but if you’re a vegetarian you can have it without the meat. The reason they call it shepherd’s pie is because they made it with minced lamb.


  1. Corned beef

Corned beef is a very traditional Irish dish. It’s called corn beef because there are small  corn-shaped salt crystals stuffed in the beef.


We hope you enjoyed the very yummy and fun St. Patrick’s day foods and we hope you try some! What was your favorite food? Will you try some? Leave a comment!