The Good, The Bad, The Schedule

The Good, The Bad, The Schedule

Fernanda Capistran



The school district has a new version of the schedule since the high school hours needed to change.  Many teachers and parents have been enjoying this new arrangement, and some kids have been enjoying the benefits this comes with. But with the good, comes the bad. 

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Although it may seem stressful, it may not be all that bad! Some benefits that can accompany this new time arrangement are getting out of school fifteen minutes earlier! Even though we come in 15 minutes early, it makes it seem like we will have more time to finish our homework or do after-school activities. For 6th grade students coming from Abby Reinke Elementary School and other Elementary schools,  they find it very amazing that they get out so much earlier! Not only that, but they also appreciate PRIDE time to finish homework as some won’t have time after school. 

Another difference is Wednesdays.  We come to a realization that we’re already halfway through the week, and get to enjoy the weekend soon! Now that they’re modified, some enjoy it and some do not.   Classes, work, and almost everything has been modified to fit the short periods we get, and some Bobcats are enjoying it! No PRIDE time, less work, and kids go home an hour earlier at 1:30 PM! This seems like a huge benefit, kids get to go home early with nearly an empty backpack but sadly, this isn’t the case for some either. 

No PRIDE time means less time for clubs to finish their work, missing just one day of work can be crucial. Although less time in classes seems great, teachers have to fit in as much work as possible into a tiny lesson so kids could be prepared for the next day. They may have time to be able to get work done at home, but it could be taken up by other work, activities like dance class, and plans with family and friends. Like most humans, we get distracted by other things we want to do instead of work. 

In conclusion, you can’t exactly have the good without the bad. The schedule may seem strange or stressful to some, but to the new 6th graders, it probably seems normal, or for others, they find it relaxing. Any way you look at it, all we can really do is make the best of it.

What do you think of the new schedule?  Tell us in the comments below.