Is Scholar Squad The Perfect Club For You?

Is Scholar Squad The Perfect Club For You?

Sophie Stempson


Mrs.Sarkis’ Scholar Squad in room 305 is a hard-working pride group. Scholar squad is a great group of students that help other students. They do peer tutoring for students that need help with schoolwork. This club is a pride group, meaning that they work during pride. 

Why Should You Join The Scholar Squad?

The Scholar Squad is a club where you work one on one with other students to help them in any subject area they are struggling with.   It is very helpful to other students, of all ages and grades alike. If you want to join this club email, Mrs.Sarkis, at [email protected]. Mrs.Sarkis says “I like to lead this club because they are great students and I love that they help others.” The Scholar Squad focuses on performance, promotion, and partnership.

The Scholar Squads’ mission is to improve the academic performance of students, increase the success rate of students, create a safe environment, and increase the amount of student attendance. The Scholar Squad also does a student of the month. Some other programs they run are Academic Outreach, Community service, and 100% club. The Scholar  Squad works to help all students, but also to recognize individuals. In order to be a part of Scholar Squad, you must have a good GPA and enjoy helping others with their work.

So, is the Scholar Squad perfect for you?