Wellness Week

Isabelle Marx, Writer

Wellness week is just around the corner on the week of 2/14 – 2/17 and that means that it’s time to take care of yourself mentally and physically. 

On 2/14 (Monday), it’s Love Your Selfie and make sure to wear pink while also during lunch there will be selfies. 

On 2/15 (Tuesday), it’s Treat Yourself Tuesday, so make sure to wear your favorite color.

On 2/16 (Wednesday), it’s Wellness Wednesday, so make sure to wear some athletic/sports clothes and do something for yourself physically and mentally for well-being.

On 2/17 (Thursday), it’s relaxation Thursday, so wear your PJs and get comfy (But still come to school of course).

Finally, on 2/18 (Friday), It’s no school Friday but make sure to have self-care, hang with family, see a friend(s), go on an adventure, sleep in, and be creative. Also, Make sure NOT to come to school on Friday, so enjoy your day off.

Have fun and be creative Bobcats!


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