TMS Hoedown


On September 2nd, 2021, Temecula Middle School hosted a back-to-school party called the Hoedown. 

The TMS hoedown was a very exciting opportunity for the students and staff to have a fun time together by playing games, dancing, eating snacks, and talking with others.

Not only did the students enjoy the activities, but the Kona Ice truck was also such a big hit, the line went on forever! There were also many exciting activities including an inflatable horse rally race, a spike ball game, hula hooping, corn in the hole, and more! What people enjoyed the most, however, was the dancing. They played songs such as the cupid shuffle, Cha Cha Slide, and  YMCA.

The school did a wonderful job making the Hoedown possible and they did a great job! One of the main contributors was Mrs. Cardinelle and the ASB. They monitored the activities and stayed late to clean. 


Mrs. Cardinale and ASB had some things to say about the Hoedown:


What was your opinion on the hoedown?

“The hoedown was a very exciting experience for us to get together and have fun.”


How did you and your team set up and prepare for the Hoedown?

“It took lots of time and teamwork, but in the end we got the job done together.”


What was your favorite activity there?

“It was probably the dancing part at the end of the Hoedown. We were planning on doing more games but it ended up being too much so we just stuck with the spike ball and hula hooping.”