Can You Really Eat Your Salad With a Spoon?

Chop Stop Review


The verdict is out.  The claim that Chop Stop a local salad shop makes that you can eat the salad with a spoon is actually true.  We tested this theory with several willing and hungry middle school studetns from TMS.  After we gave them the salad type of their choice we armed them with plastic spoons.  They shoved their utinsils in with gusto and pulled up quite a bit of fresh goodness.  In addition to getting lots of their finely chopped lettuce plump tomatoes, crisp crutons, tender chicken and spicy chipolte dressing were collected on the spoon while eating the Santa Fe Salad.

In additon to the Santa Fe, there are a number of options to choose from.  Cobb, Mexican, Cesar, Asian and BBQ to name a few.  For those who like to hold their salad, grab a wrap filled with yummy filling.  Although the Temecula Chop Stop is only a year old, it is a favorite of many in the area.  They are often packed early in the morning as people drive up to pick up a healthy alternative for their lunch that day.  They are also huge.  This could actually be two meals for many people.

Come check Chop Stop located at 24156 Temecula Parkway in Temecula

Don’t forget your spoon!

Tells us which kind of salad is your favorite in the comments below.