Rugby, Anyone?


Isabela Borghi Zechim , Writer

What is Rugby? Only a few people know about this sport. Well, Rugby started in 1823 when a boy named Ellis in the middle of a football game decided to go for it. He picked up the ball and ran across the field and in 1871 Rugby was officially born.


If you don’t know the rules,  you have to run across the field and try to place the ball down on a line or the goalpost to get the point. You don’t wear any helmets or shoulder pads so it’s different from American football.


A few weeks ago, the Women’s championship ended, with New Zealand and England against each other. The stakes were high because England had a streak of winning 12 years in a row but that was all broken thanks to the New Zealand team, winning 34-31.


At first, it looked like the Red Roses ( England) were going to win crushing New Zealand, 14-0 in just the first quarter but then, the red flag was shown to Lydia Thompson, one of their best players which gave New Zealand the upper hand.


New Zealand ended up winning at the end 34-31 which broke the streak of England.


What do you think? Would you want to try Rugby?   

                                                                                      “ We just wanna show not only 

                                                                                     New Zealand but the world that

                                                                                     Women’s Rugby is a product worth 

                                                                                     watching.” Ruby Tui ( New Zealand)

In black is New Zealand and in white is England