Is The Digital Disaster all Bad?- i-Ready

Finley Skumawitz

You know what it is. Everyone does. It’s i- Ready! I mean, no one likes it and yet we are required to do it! But even though we don’t like it, is there more to answering questions and doing your minutes? Is there a secret behind i-Ready?

You have a fair reason for not liking it. It is boring and you do it all the time. Under those circumstances, it can tend to be unlikable. Here is a couple students who have their own opinions about i-Ready: 


Noemi Rassmusan: 

“I think it does not help at all and I think it is a waste of our time.” 


Maria Daquis: 

“I don’t think that i-Ready helps. I also think that  doing i-Ready does not do anything to help you learn.


Ilter Erkin:

“i-Ready can help me sometimes. I just wish we didn’t spend so much time on it. Honestly, besides that, it’s helpful.”


Drake Harkey:

“I don’t like it because it takes too much time for my actual homework.” 


Chadd Mitchell:

“I do not like it because it is boring.”


So if no one likes it and no one thinks it helps us in school, why do we do it? Here are a few teacher’s opinions on i-Ready and why it is so important.


Mr. Carbajal:

“I believe i-Ready helps kids fill in gaps. I like that it teaches people at their own individual level. So, it is beneficial and we are smart to use it. I know it is not always fun, but it teaches students grit. All that being said,if I had a choice between just doing my own thing and just doing i-Ready… well I would always prefer to do my own thing. But, I will always gladly support our district leaders if they want us to implement new and effective programs such as i-ready.”


Mr. Molstre:

“Good parts – fills in gaps of knowledge. Bad parts – Boring and is being done everyday!!” 


i-Ready is very important for people to complete at least 1 lesson each week. That’s it! You can even make it a competition with your friends like who can get the most minutes or lessons each week or get to a higher level than your friends. Turn it into a game or something that you are into so you can get more out of it. Even though it isn’t all fun and games, you can certainly turn it into something that you are interested in. So next time you are on i- Ready, make it worth the time you are spending and put effort into it and turn it into something fun!