Jazz Band


Isabelle Marx


We all like music and it’s fun when we get to hear live bands up close, just like our TMS Jazz Band. This band is a unique and special group of students who mostly only practice during PRIDE, which is very minimal and they magically manage to make such great music. And part of this is with the help of our amazing TMS band director, Mr. Aviles. 


Mr. Aviles

Temecula Middle School

What is your favorite thing about Jazz band?

“I think my favorite part about Jazz band is seeing how excited students are to play music and want to get better and since PRIDE is at the end of the day, it is a fun way to end off the day.”

Why did you select these students to be in the Jazz band?

“These students got selected based on the end-of-the-year playing tests. So I have students from 6th graders and 7th graders take a playing text at the end of the year and that tells me what class they go into: Concert or Symphonic band and then top saxophone, trumpet, trombone students go into Jazz band, and then we have separate auditions for the drumset, pianos, and the guitars. So these things aren’t those spots. Yea, I don’t just choose it.”

Do you think that this group of children is a unique group to work with?

“I think so. Yes. Each year the jazz band students have very different personalities and this one is definitely a unique one and they’re very motivated. They are a very fun group, they have a good time, but they also like being challenged. It’s been nice.”

How do you see this group at the end of the year?

“I’m excited to see what this group accomplishes by the end of the year. They have a very strong start to their year and they’re working really, really hard and I just keep throwing more and more music at them and they’re up for the challenge and I’m very excited to see what they accomplish this year.”

Do you wish that you had a lot of groups like this one?

“Yes and no. I like teaching middle school band because of all the different levels of the students that I have. Each one is going through its own journey, whether it’s the beginning, whether it’s concert, intermediate students, whether it’s advanced students in the Symphonic band. Jazz band, again, it’s a very unique group of students, but I think if we had more exact groups like that, it would take away how special this one is.”

Also, the Jazz band had a Concert on December 8th, and our amazing band director, Mr. Aviles posts the video on his youtube. Did you go to the Jazz bands Concert? Did you enjoy it? Tell us in the comments!