Donald Trump Announces He’s Running for 2024 Election

Donald Trump Announces He’s Running for 2024 Election

Samantha Dos Santos

Donald Trump was our President from 2017-2021.   Now he’s running for office again in the 2024 presidential election, which leaves America with one question on their minds: Will he win?

Joe Biden (Left) and Stacey Abrams (right) will run alongside Donald Trump


So, who will run alongside Donald Trump? Well, current President Joe Biden is running again along with Stacey Abrams, A member of the Georgia House of Representatives.  That is all the known candidates, however, some people such as Ted Cruiz are speculated to run.




The question that everyone is asking is if Trump will win when really they should be asking should Trump win? Trump has done some good things for this country like having stricter regulations for vaping and reducing coal burning in the U.S. 

Donald Trump while he was president

However, there are some questionable things as well. Trump has tried to ban Tik Tok and called a Native American woman “Pocahontas’ ‘ therefore mocking Native Americans. Half the people in this country think that Trump is a good guy while the other half think he’s not. Whether or not you think Trump should run, you can realize he has had some good times and bad times while he was president. We will just have to wait and watch to see who will be our next elected President!  


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