Why Homework?

Why was homework created in the first place?

Why Homework?

Michaela Salciccia

Whenever you think of homework, you have an image in your mind of this horrible thing you are being forced to do. Even though you know you will have to do it one way or another, you may as well understand why you have to. Was the lesson always meant to be work you’re supposed to do at home? Well, the truth is it used to be something much different.

Robert Nevils, the man who invented homework.


Homework has been around since schools have been in session.  Even in the year 1905, Robert Nevilis gave homework in Venice, Italy. Back then, homework’s reputation was much worse. It was often used to “reteach  students who didn’t demonstrate a good understanding of lessons taught during class.”  So why do you have to do it after school and spend your time on your Chromebook or writing something down with your pencil when you could be outside playing or gaming on your console?

One reason why you have to spend your time doing homework is that “It teaches students about time management.”  Also, it helps students build responsibility, even though we already do so much work in class. Research shows that homework also helps you stay organized with your work and take responsibility for your actions. We are going to see why some teachers give out homework and some don’t. So, I am going to interview a teacher who does not hand out homework ( Mr. Molstre ) and a teacher that does give out homework ( Mrs. Kruger ).


Mr. Molstre (teacher that does not give out homework)

 Why do you choose not to give out homework?

“I feel like studying your notes is more important than doing workbook pages.”

 What is your point of view on homework?

“ My point of view on homework is, I believe it’s more important in math and language arts than in science and social studies because those two subjects need to be reinforced.”

 Do you think you will ever give out homework?

“Only if you don’t finish it in class, then it becomes homework.”

Was there a time that you have ever given out homework before?

When I taught math and language arts I did, especially math. I used to do that every day at Paloma when I was a fifth-grade teacher.”

Mr. Molstre does not give out homework.


Mrs. Kruger (teacher that does give out homework)

 Why do you give out homework?

“In language arts, there is a lot of reading and not enough time to do it in class, I would rather get deeper and discuss what was read so students can understand it better.”

 What is your point of view on homework?

“I don’t think it should be used for busy work, so most of my homework is usually just iready or reading a chapter in their novel.”

 How many students do their homework?

“This year, probably about 75% will do their homework based on when I do random spot checks to see if kids do their homework.”

How do you think homework impacts students?

“It helps them get through some of the material and leaves more class time to do higher-level thinking activities.”

What is the average time you think a student should spend on homework each day?

“About 15 to 20 minutes in my class.”

Mrs.Kruger does give out homework.


Whether you like it or not, homework will always be around to help everyone positively. Not only does it save time in class, but it also helps us own up to our mistakes and gives us a better understanding of challenging lessons in class. It’s your choice whether you want to do it or not, but now you know why you have it.

Do you like or dislike homework?


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