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A Message from the Writers: I know we barely got started on this advice column, but this is the last edition for it! We aren’t sure if this’ll be continued next year, but if it isn’t we hope you all have a great rest of your year! The Advice Column will be open after this edition and in the summer, but might not continue next year. The responses just won’t be published for everyone to read. We will reply with advice from the google form. Have a great summer!
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Dash, Dibble and Dot



Ask Away,

What do I do if I’m dating someone that moved away but I like another person but I don’t want to break my partner’s heart? What should I do?

-A Confumbled Person


A Confumbled Person,

You should do what your heart wants you to do. I know that sounds really corny, but it’s true! If you decide to break up with them, you could call your partner up on FaceTime or some sort of video call and explain to them how you feel. They’ll understand (sometimes break ups can be messy, and sometimes that happens). They might be heartbroken but it’s all a part of the process – or maybe they feel the same exact way and they too would like to break up. Just remember you shouldn’t stay in a relationship that you aren’t happy in. Don’t worry, if you decide to break up, your partner will eventually find another person they like at their new school!


Dash and Dot

Ask Away,

I have some friends and they were not being nice to my other friends and long story short we cleared it up but now they seem to be mad at me and I don’t know what to do.

 – Anonymous



The first thing you can do is ask your friends why they are mad at you, and have a conversation about it and work through it together as a group. If they refuse to tell you why they’re mad, there is nothing really you can do about it. They can’t stay mad forever so eventually they won’t be upset with you and may open up to what is happening.

Your helpful assistant,


why has the ambulance come to our school so many times?

why u guys call the ambulance 5 time?

-Ambulance Guy


The better question is how do you know how many times the ambulance has come to the school?  Maybe you’re the one calling the ambulance 😉