Cracking the Musical Code

What is Today’s Music Doing to Us?


Zoe Rojo

Music is everywhere. It’s playing in grocery stores, it’s in movies, malls, school, your devices, TV’s, radio, it’s everywhere! Music is a big part of life these days. Middle schoolers always have their earbuds popped in their ears blasting their playlists. What music do you listen to? Perhaps it’s Olivia Rodrigo, BTS, Harry Styles, or another artist. Everyone listens to a variety of music – but is what you’re listening to changing you?

A lot of research suggests that music can influence you on a deeper level than you would think. What you’re listening to can affect how you act and feel.  A “…paper, published in 2003 in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, reported that music can incite aggressive thoughts and feelings. During five experiments with 75 female and 70 male college students, those who heard a violent song were shown to feel more hostile than those who heard a nonviolent song, from the same artist and style” sums up CNN. 

Music can affect you positively – and negatively. Listening to music with inappropriate lyrics and bad themes can negatively affect you. It can change the way you think, view life and how you respond to situations etc.

Of course, there is so much music out there that lots of people enjoy that might be inappropriate, but I’m not saying you shouldn’t listen to it at all. Pick songs that make you feel happy and energized. Stray away from songs that make you feel bad. Try to find some songs that don’t include inappropriate content. Many people in this world listen to inappropriate songs all the time – and it’s their choice. To better improve your mood – and the way you view life, I would suggest to stray away from those songs and find some more upbeat and appropriate music to listen to instead. 

Listening to upbeat, good music can positively affect you, a lot of research suggests. “The Journal of Positive Psychology conducted a study in 2013 that discovered that individuals who listened to music that could be classified as happy and upbeat were able to improve their mood and overall happiness in just a few weeks. Throughout the study, participants were encouraged to try to improve their mood, but they were only able to find success when they listened to happier music. The music options that were offered were Copland (upbeat) compared to the gloomier Stravinsky,” says. To be a happier person, listen to happy music!

Be mindful of what you listen to, and be sure to check out the TMS Tunes Playlist! What are some songs that you love that are appropriate and help you feel better? Tell us in the comments.