What’s up with dress codes?


Sophia Barnett

Dress codes have been a part of schools for decades, whether in the form of uniforms or standard rules.

Here at TMS, we don’t have a dress code. That may seem odd to new students and staff, seeing as most schools have one. Why don’t we have a dress code, and what’s the reason behind it?

Recently, dress codes have been getting controversial as people realize flaws within them. Certain issues like discrimination and too many restrictions have become issues. 

Some schools have made it so being at school in different weather conditions is uncomfortable. They can either make it so they’re too covered in summer or not covered enough in winter. Schools with uniforms especially in places with extreme seasonshave gotten into trouble for this. 

The other issue has to do with sexism. Dress codes have tended to let male students be more flexible with the dress code while giving female students barely any room to breathe. Back in 2021, some high school students in Illinois decided to show just how bad things could get. Drew Jarding wore clothing almost identical to that of his friend Kenzie Crimmins, wearing the clothes to school for the experiment.

According to him, the school prohibited:  crop tops, spaghetti straps, or anything that showed too much shoulder, as well as shorts and skirts/dresses above the knee.  Crimmins wore leggings and a crop top, and Jarding wore a crop top and above-the-knee shorts.

They got through most of the school day, walking to classes normally and dancing in front of some of the teachers. However, in their seventh period, Crimmins was written up, and Jarding walked out of the class with not even a warning.

Jarding has continued to post videos where he wears clothes in violation of the dress code, and he has never gotten in trouble once.

And it’s not just here, people around the world deal with these issues. In places like Thailand, dress codes are so strict that back in 2020 students started to rebel against the tight restrictions.

Because of all this, instead of just fixing the issues with dress codes, some schools doubled down, or just got rid of them completely. This creates either more rebellion or a school setting where students can wear bikinis to school and not get in trouble.

What are your opinions and thoughts on the topic? I would love to hear what you think.