Sports Diversity

A collection of sports equipment from all major sports.

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A collection of sports equipment from all major sports.

Finn Johnston

As you may know, there are a lot of basketballs at this school. But if you were to look through all the leather and rubber, you would see little to no other kind of sports equipment. You might be able to find a few soccer balls, maybe a bouncy ball. But compared to the tons of basketballs at the top of the cart, it doesn’t make sense why there is no diversity.


There is a huge difference between the opinions of people at this school. Some like soccer, some like baseball, etc… But the number of basketballs makes it seem like 80% of the school loves basketball. According to Topend Sports, the world’s most favored sport is Soccer/Association Football with 3.5 billion estimated fans. Whereas basketball is 9th place with only 400 million estimated fans.


The break is one of the only times where you can play with anything other than a basketball. At recess, you can play with hula-hoops, sandbags, bouncy balls, and more. But at lunch, you see almost none of those items. A good basketball can cost from $29.99 up to $69.99 but a good quality soccer ball is about $15 to $40. Even a baseball costs about $6 each.


Whether you like basketball or not, you can agree that the diversity in the sports equipment we have at school is surprisingly low.  The more frisbees, jump rope, and volleyball balls we have, the more joy for everyone at school. As well as being able to do more activities in P.E with the variety of balls we would have.


Are you a fan of basketball? What additional equipment would you like to see?